• With God All Men and Women Are Dream Walkers

    • Dream beyond your imaginations and expectations
    • One's failures are but a stroke of a great work of art
    • Your ability is not dead, it is merely under attack
  • Never worry about what is "fair" or "equal". These are simply words, not expressions or experiences assigned to high achievers.

  • Dream Walker charges you to rise up and move towards your God-given future. It shows you how to live above the limits of circumstances, history, sociology, psychology, or genealogy. Unlock the dream within you and live beyond imagination.

  • Difficulties are unavoidable as you move closer to your dream. Sometimes darkness to the vision will occur. When night falls, set your power into motion.

Dream Walker

dream walker

A motivational guide; Dream Walker book is a personal collection of learnings, examples, anecdotes and keenly worded insights that are opening the doors of understanding how to achieve one’s dreams NOW.

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Dream Health

dream health

Living a spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy life is what Dream Health is about. Exercise, healthy diets are good practices, but you can't judge your health on those alone.

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Dream Wealth

dream wealth

Does money buy happiness? We say, no. Dream Wealth explains the connection between fiscal fitness and feeling fantastic. Be mindful of having soaring wealth, but with a shrinking spirit.

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Dream Life

dream life

Difficulties are unavoidable as you mature and move closer to the destination of your dream. Dream Life explains how to live above the limitations of circumstances, history, sociology, psychology, or genealogy.

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About Andrew C. Turner II

Andrew Carnegie Turner II is one of America's top authors, entrepreneurs, and community leaders. He has a unique passion for people who possess improvised beginnings, yet desire impossible, unbelievable endings to life. He believes that with God all men and women are Dream Walkers.

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