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Andrew Carnegie Turner II –Coach AC: The Dream Walker

Andrew Carnegie Turner II, AKA “Coach AC”, is a Certified Executive Level Life Coach whose vast experiences as one of America’s premier Small Business Administration 8(a) Certified owners  has propelled him to inspire and coach innovative civic and community leaders alike. With his signature mantra,  “Were You Finished Or Did You Just Stop?”, Coach AC is in strong pursuit of all who admittedly have not finished, as he and his “Dream Team” will dare you to “dream again”.Coach AC is a leading motivator, inspirational speaker who brings proven methods and solutions in today’s marketplace. If you are a leader, he is your Coach!  If you have stopped leading, he is your reset model, lastly if you want to lead effectively, he is your “dream inspirational coach”.

Coach AC is the brain trust behind the “Dream Team” comprised of three existing disciplined life coaches with forthcoming expansions. Coach AC literary work, Dream Walker, reached more than 2,000 distribution channels and was considered “a must read” companion to John Maxwell and Joel Osteen. According to Dr. Ronn Elmore, another internationally known author and talk show host, Dream Walker is inspirational and provides motivational elements for leaders, business owners, government and academic circles.

Coach AC’s forthcoming literary work is titled “After” and will be released November 30, 2014. After will provide inspirational directives to maintain goals, dreams and desires, after…a divorce, death, foreclosure, bankruptcy, or even a failed attempt for success. We must push into our “After”.

Coach AC has lectured leaders, business owners, participated in annual leadership conferences nationwide. His prevailing drive is unique as Coach AC deems it necessary to transform previously motivated achievers who experienced a nightmare into successful “Dream Walkers”.

Coach AC has developed proven steps to stimulate success. He believes every “dreamer” is equipped with multiple streams of success irrespective of dormancy in their life. Bread and milk have expiration dates; nevertheless, Dreams have an endless shelf life.

Coach AC believes his simple process of life will undo toxic contributions thereby creating “sustained success.” His tools, experience and motivational exploits are proven success models. His international lectures along with his domestic symposiums are noteworthy.

Coach AC believes sustainable success exceeds the value of money. A man void of money often has nightmares. A Dream Walker void of money creates multiple streams of income one step at a time. Dream Walkers live life for the “After”. Coach AC believes you are a World Changer, an asset possessing endless value, and his team is poised to produce “Dream Champions”. Now is the time to “Dream Another Dream”!

Coach AC extends a personal invitation for you to attend our next “Dream Walker Conference” or become an immediate Dream Walker Partner.

“Live Your Best Dream Now”!


Accomplishments & Leadership

  • Certified Executive Level Life Coach
  • Small Business Administration 8(a) Certified Owners
  • Leading Motivational, Inspirational Speaker
  • Award-Winning Author of Two Best Selling Books
  • International Youth President
  • President & CEO of E & I Systems, Inc.

About Coach AC

Coach AC is "Certified Executive Level Life Coach", founder and president of "Dreamwalker LLC" based in Los Angeles, CA. Coach AC inspires top-level executives, educational institutes and religious groups through a blend of systematic teaching and motivational efforts. He is an effective "Coach".

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