Dedicated, But Fallen

We are dedicated to many things in life. Some are good dedications while others will lead us down paths of destruction. The key is to be dedicated to the right thing. Solomon, in his beginning, was dedicated to the right thing. In 2 Chronicles 1:7-12 we read the incident where he was publicly made king over Israel. He felt the great responsibility of that position. He loved God and his heart’s desire was to do the right thing.

God came to Solomon in the night and asked him what he should give to him. What an opportunity! He could have, at that moment, asked for anything he desired. Many would have asked for riches so that they would be “set for life.” Others may have asked for power over the lives of others. But Solomon simply asked God for the wisdom to lead the people. He wanted to make the best decisions for the people. He wanted to judge them making choices that would be in their best interest. He was dedicated to the job he had been given to do.

Because of his unselfish request God granted him wisdom in fact he became the wisest man in the world and his fame spread far and wide. In addition, because of his desire and dedication, God also gave him fame, riches, and power. He could be trusted with those things in light of his unselfishness and dedication.

God has not changed. Still today he wants to grant us with the blessings we need in life. God wants to give us good things. He really wants the best for his people. The wall that stands in his way is often the lack of our own dedication. What are we dedicated to? Do we want to serve God only for those things we think we might receive? Is selfish desire standing in the way of what we really need from God and what he wants to give us?

As you well know, I’m not a prosperity teacher. I don’t believe that we can name and claim what we want from God. Serving God is not about what we’re going to get from the relationship, but about what we can give and contribute. First and foremost in our spiritual experience should be a desire for what God wants for our lives. We should want wisdom to make the right choices in life choices that will honor God.

When we put him first, others second, and ourselves last, then we open the door for God to bless us just as he did with Solomon. But, it must be true dedication. Are we dedicated to God? Do we really want his will for our lives? If we do, then like Solomon, we can expect great things. They may not come in wealth or power, but they will come in the form of exactly what God wants for us, and that’s wisdom and dedication beyond compare.

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