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Shake Your Tree and Shift

Coach AC and his “Dream Team have developed a proven concept of success called “Dream Life”. This systematic programmatic approach is designed to establish succinct methods whereby creative, talented, innovative, bright minded present and future leaders can safely obtain quality “coaching” in essential areas of their lives.

Are you fearful of success? Were you finished with your last dream or did life’s pitfall bring you to surrender?. Do you have a wealth of ideas on paper, which need to be in production? Do you feel unique and displaced around unproductive individuals or organizations? Is work a means to pay bills without offering you growth and independence? Have you stopped dreaming or have you become hungry for independence, growth and wealth? Would like you to become all that your DNA represents? Great! Independent! Wealthy! Healthy! Do you desire a “Dream Life”?

If your answer is yes, to one of these questions, then “there’s something about you” that makes you a candid for Dream Life.

Coach AC teaches Dream Life and his primary focus is designed to bring your hidden talents, gifts and wealth from prisons to the palace. Your Dream Life is secured through deliberate steps of progress. You must know success and failure are related and essential. Dream Life looks for those who have endured temporary setback and failures. Your platform for sustained success requires determination and often acquiring tools to walk alone, and finding a place called “After”.

Coach AC will bring his life experience to Dream Life. He offers proven tools, including Dream Life his book, and Dream Walker Life Manual for those seeking a significant advancement in their life. He overcame many professional and personal hurdles in life and has returned as a “Certified Executive Life Coach” with a commitment to challenge greatness and destroys doubt. Coach AC is the former President and founder of E & I Systems Aerospace firm. He is an accomplished author, motivational speaker, and now Chairman of Dream Walker LLC. He has turned a meager beginning in life into expanding Dream Life story.

Join Coach AC at one of the upcoming “Shift and Shake” Dream Walker conferences. Its time to have a “Dream Life”!

About Coach AC

Coach AC is "Certified Executive Level Life Coach", founder and president of "Dreamwalker LLC" based in Los Angeles, CA. Coach AC inspires top-level executives, educational institutes and religious groups through a blend of systematic teaching and motivational efforts. He is an effective "Coach".

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