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Has God given you incomprehensible hopes and dreams that have no way of happening unless the miraculous of God come through? Have you been criticized for the hopes and dreams you’ve held dearly in your heart? Well I have news for you! You were destined to walk by faith—you were destined to be a Dream Walker.

It’s time to birth your dreams! Those who’ve carried in them by faith God-given hopes and dreams will begin walking them out and begin to see their dreams manifest. This walk has been anything but easy and has come with great cost. Much has been sacrificed as you have heeded to God’s voice asking you to walk by faith and believe for the manifestations of your destiny. It comes with it the walking out of our own frustrations, doubts and fears, as well as the criticisms from others. Many of you have been mocked for being a dreamer, carrying “by faith” the dreams God has placed in you. You have been called to live a lifestyle of faith and those who do not or will not have criticized you for it. This too is part of the great faith-endurance walk.

But, you knew with everything in you that you were called to this walk and there was no stopping you. Nothing could be thrown your way that could detour you from the truth in you—that God called you to walk out your dreams by faith. For some this faith walk has been a walk of intercession too as you have interceded for increased faith and dreams in others lives.

Dreamer Walkers—like the others before you, it’s time to walk out and birth the radical dreams God has placed by faith inside of you! Dreamers who walk with God will be the next history makers. Your destiny awaits!

Some of you have even been deemed as crazy. Join the club! Those who previously walked out their lives in radical faith have been deemed crazy too. It’s a given fact. Noah built the arc in the middle of the desert for over 100 years. Can you imagine the criticism, ridicule and scorn he endured daily—for over 100 years—as he was building an arc and expecting a flood in the middle of the desert?

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Coach AC is "Certified Executive Level Life Coach", founder and president of "Dreamwalker LLC" based in Los Angeles, CA. Coach AC inspires top-level executives, educational institutes and religious groups through a blend of systematic teaching and motivational efforts. He is an effective "Coach".

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