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Andrew Carnegie Turner II – Coach AC
“The Dream Coach”

Coach AC is the brain thrust, visionary; stimulus and creative innovation pioneer leading “The Dream Team”. A “Certified Executive Level Life Coach”, he recently developed a “systematic” model to inspire, transform and lead individuals or teams into what Coach AC calls “sustainable success”. Coach AC is the former President and owner of E & I Systems Inc., former systems engineer with Lockheed Martin, author – Dream Walker and staff consultant for Quitman County School District. He is internationally known, has lectured at various universities while maintaining leadership of CNLT & NCT ministries in Los Angeles California. read more


George B. Thompson
Financial Expert – Motivational Speaker

The author of several books; Millionaires In Training, Set-4-Life and co-author of The Total Package, George believes that in order to successfully achieve financial freedom and realize your dreams you need two critical things: A plan to guide you and a system to execute the plan.

George’s life mission is to help people from all walks of life achieve their personal and financial goals. It is through his passionate delivery style and practical content, he shares easy to learn concepts on how to build and maintain wealth, achieve goals, while having fun in the process. read more

About Coach AC

Coach AC is "Certified Executive Level Life Coach", founder and president of "Dreamwalker LLC" based in Los Angeles, CA. Coach AC inspires top-level executives, educational institutes and religious groups through a blend of systematic teaching and motivational efforts. He is an effective "Coach".

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