Three Things You Need to Know About Achieving Success

Dream Walker scripture

Dream Walker scripture

Across the country, many people are seeking that special formula for reaching their dreams, meeting their goals, and exceeding expectations set by themselves and others. Countless books have been written on the subject and on any given Sunday, there are limitless messages being taught worldwide about this often elusive notion called success.

So why are too few people seemingly achieving without struggle and too many believing for it without fruition? I believe the answer lies in what I call, “the black sheep”, of the Success family: failure. Here are three things everyone should know about achieving success:

Failure is a platform to success.

What if I told you that success always start with failure? If you thought about the things that went right in your life you would realize they were preempted by many things that went wrong. Remember, greatness attract attacks! If you feel like you’re losing, you should get excited because it’s only a setup for an amazing finish!

Failure is never really failure until you surrender.

I know sometimes not getting what you prepared for and worked for the first time can feel like that 5th grade bully who pushed you off the monkey bars just when you were about to grab that last rung. Success is 90% of your reaction to the failures of life. Failure tests your mettle; success is the prize you get when you choose not to settle.

Dream Walkers don’t look at disappointments as failure.

The very definition of disappointment portrays why it’s not failure.The prefix  “dis-” denotes the removal of the thing specified. From this, we can deduce that disappointments are simply the removal of appointments that didn’t happen. Similar to the way we would reschedule our doctor’s appointment, we should reschedule our goals and dream. Reset and plan for another day!

Dream walkers condition their hearts,minds and souls to remove emotions from the equation. They know that no one ever said the road would be easy. So the next time you want to google how to be successful, do an inventory of your failures first. You’ll be surprised.

~Coach AC, Dream Life


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Coach AC is "Certified Executive Level Life Coach", founder and president of "Dreamwalker LLC" based in Los Angeles, CA. Coach AC inspires top-level executives, educational institutes and religious groups through a blend of systematic teaching and motivational efforts. He is an effective "Coach".

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